Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Great Sense of Urgency, Problems, Solutions and the Freedom Documents

Site under construction, but the need is so urgent that blogging will proceed as construction is underway. The urgency? Getting good people--American citizens like you—knowing of serious events, public policies, cultural and political trends and happenings; to realize that as a nation, we have gotten off course. I can report candidly and positively that we can get back on course; that there is an answer to the conditions, consequences, concerns, fears, hopes and possibilities, that these urgent situations can be addressed, and over time remedied, resolved, made right. You will be amazed, amused and impressed with what you can learn, the power it gives you and how to use the power. “The Fireworks are in the Document itself: READ THE CONSTITUTION!” blares the front cover of the handy pocket-size, inexpensive CITIZENS RULE BOOK: A Palladium of Liberty.

I ask you to view things from a larger picture, a wider perspective, as to what are your main fears, chief concerns, high hopes and aspirations, dreams, vision, concerning the present and especially the future of this country? What puzzles you about public policy, government, politics, etc.? I often communicate to listeners on talk shows on which I am a guest, the definition of illiteracy and its components. “Illiteracy is the inability to read, write, think, analyze and articulate thoughts and ideas." There are what I call the “Eight-Ball 8” dangerous illiteracies: Economic, Business, Financial, Political, Governmental, Constitutional, Moral and Citizenship, all of which I have addressed in my book, TOTAL Power of ONE in America.

One other thought that has resonated with my talk show audiences is a short by powerful sing-song declaration:

Taxation, Regulation and Litigation are the Strangulation of the Nation.

Solution: EDUCATION.

All of this boils down to a lack of awareness, knowledge and information--a lack of power--about the Founding Principles and Documents of the United States of America, and the divinely-inspired Founders who brought them to fruition. This will be an exploration of those mighty ideas, ideals, concepts and philosophies, then embodied for history in the Declaration of Independence, the U. S. Constitution and its incredibly important Bill of Rights.Let us begin the exploration of where we came from, where we are, where we can be and how to get there; who we are, who we can be and how we can become all we can be--through Knowledge, Information, Motivation and ACTION. Or learn by the "Six Be's": Be Aware. Be Interested. Be Informed. Be Concerned. Be Involved. Be ACTIVE. In that order.

I end this beginning with a partial President George Washington quote from his first inaugural address:

"... for the preservation of the Sacred Fire of Liberty ..."

"The Sacred Fire of Liberty"--isn't that what we all want, aspire to, seek and desire? How to get personal freedom (with responsibility), political liberty and good government? You are now experiencing a new beginning. You will be part of a transformation of the American spirit back to what it was in its Founding.

Let your personal self-transcendence and national transfiguration begin.


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